And you know who you are.  I’ve seen your posts honoring, “Mama Mary” and in each instance I’ve had to inform you the woman is dead!  She ain’t talking to Jesus and has no persuasion, or clout in heaven.  She’s dead.  She never ascended to heaven on that day you proudly march through the streets of this city, so your gifts, flowers, candle-lighting and prayers are worthless.

In this post, I will show you how your “Papa Francis” is a fraud, worthless and is truly the “anti-christ” you may often hear about.  I will not shield you, fool you or say smooth words to make you feel better.  I will simply tell you the truth, using the Bible you’ve been taught to not use yet you confess to believe in.  Oh, that word, “confess(ion)” is a waste of time.  This is the root of the whole problem which your church falls under and that so easily.  And, I can say with authority, not making judgment because judgment requires choosing, and there is no choosing involved in what I will say, if you continue in following this, mess, for lack of a better word, you will be headed toward hell.

Now, let’s go to work.

Jesus has in heaven a Sanctuary where He forgives the sins of His people by the shedding of His blood.  He paid the ultimate sacrifice for you and me.  This Sanctuary was given to Moses while in the Wilderness so the people he brought out of Egypt might have a better understanding of their relationship to God.  So, daily the people prayed for forgiveness and brought their lamb, which was slain, the blood given to the priests who presented it before God in order for their sin to be blotted out of the books which were written against them.  Once a year, the High Priest would enter into the Most Holy Place of the Sanctuary and at that time would cleanse the Sanctuary of all the sins which were lodged there, once a year.  This High Priest represented Christ, who would eventually stand, and He does today—literally, before the Father in the Heavenly Sanctuary handling the business of the sins of you and me.  This is where our sins are handled and where forgiveness is conducted.  In heaven.  Jesus and God the Father.  For you and me.  This is the system which was set up and it is complete.

Now, this is what you believe and have been taught.  You believe there is a “sanctuary” set up on Earth and that place is the Vatican in Rome.  You believe when you enter into the confessional and tell the priest your sin, he will advise you how you are able to receive forgiveness by repeating some “Hail Mary’s” or other worthless prayers, along with the counting of beads.  You believe the local priests then transfers your sins to the “holy father” (pope) who will then eradicate your sins and you are again cleared before God and go about your business of life.  WRONG!  It doesn’t work this way.

“Let no man deceive you by any means, for unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition, Who opposeth, and is lifted up above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so that he sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself as if he were God.” Douay-Rheims Bible (This is the Bible you use and yet you do not read it, and if you did, do not understand it, and as a result will be lost as a result of it!)

Here we have two individuals, God and “man of sin”, who pretends to be called “God”, who sits in the position of God, in other words, who “assumes” the role of God, as if he was God!  What does God, the REAL God do in the “temple” (Sanctuary of God)?  He forgives sin.  What does your pope thinks he is capable of doing and you believe he is doing?  That he forgives sin!  Now, who is right and who is wrong?  Do you actually believe a man, who puts his drawers on the same as you and I, is capable of forgiving sin?  Who forgives his sin?  Especially that big one of telling you he’s able to forgive sin! And if it is true that the priests are the handlers of sins, and can get them forgiven, what would be the purpose of prayer, to God?  Does the pope sin?  These are questions you really need to consider and evaluate the methodical practices you have, which are worthless:  from making the sign of the cross, genuflecting when you come into the church, the dipping your finger in water which also flows in your toilet, from lighting of candles, parading foolishly in the streets your idols especially that Black Nazarene stuff I witness annually.

If your guy, Pope Francis is doing all this, this demonstrates he’s the “anti-christ” because he works against what Christ does.  Christ is the only one who can secure forgiveness for you, not the pope.  Anyone who says they can is an imposter and this will not get you any points.

Get out of that mess as soon as you can!


June 6, 2015


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