Sadly, there are a great many of you who believe when Jesus said…

“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” John 13:34 (KJV)

…means Jesus overwritten His Commandments which were ten. This would have been impossible.  In fact, the Ten Commandments were given as an established essential for mankind, and not for mankind only, but all thinking, logical creatures.  Even the angels are subjected.  Even, get this, God.  The devil wanted to be the exception to the rule, and as a result, has been teaching others, perhaps even you, that God’s Ten Commandments are no longer binding upon man.  This is what got him kicked out of heaven.  And do you possibly think it will be a way for you to get into heaven! Perish the thought.

How are all the Commandments to be fulfilled?  Isn’t the answer:  by love?  Jesus was not giving a commandment which would replace the Ten Commandments.  He was merely reminding a “new” group of believers, in Himself, the answer which will provide them with the motivation, reason and ability to adhere and follow His Father’s Ten Commandments.  The first four Commandments shows our responsibility and love for God, the last six Commandments shows our responsibility and love for each other.  Without love, none of them are possible and with love, all things are possible, to them who believe.

God is so great and there is no way we are able to reason who He is, we have to use a system called “false positive” in order to know God.  In other words, it is easier for us to comprehend what and who God is, as humans, by comparing what we are not yet capable of doing.  “God does not lie.”  Are you able to conceive this concept?  Why?  Because you lie, or have lied.  “God is not evil.”  Are you/have you been evil?  If I said, “God is truth”, this could lead in all kinds of directions because we have trouble in knowing and understanding truth.  Think I’m wrong?  Just look how scattered we who claim to be Christians are regarding what we believe is the truth.  Some of you think Sunday is God’s holy day of rest.  Fewer know Saturday is God’s holy day of rest.  Both cannot be true.  God said, “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy…”  Man said, “It was changed and…”.  What is the truth?  It is evident but we seem to can’t get it right, but God never changes—we do!  Therefore, if God never changes or alters the word which has gone from His mouth, then God is a liar if we believe what He told us to remember we don’t need to remember at all!

I don’t think nor believe God is a liar, do you?

We need to learn how to read everything based upon context.  If God said something, then I need to accept it and base everything else upon that belief.  If it does not fit comfortably without having to change it, then I know the idea is false, and I need not try to deal with it any longer.

God has given us Ten Commandments—that’s it.  He’s also given us laws, statutes and governing principles, but they all fit within the structure of the Ten.  Nothing ever changes the Ten.  Nothing is ever modified because they are absolutes.  ALL TEN ARE ABSOLUTE meaning there can never be a change to any of the Ten.  You can’t say out of ten nine are….and one is…!  Doesn’t work that way.  Either you accept all ten the way they are written or you do not accept any!  There is no negotiation.  And to separate yourself from either one of the ten means you’ve separated yourself from God, which means you have no chance for eternal life.

I’ll give you a new commandment:  “Follow the Ten Commandments, or else!”


May 19, 2016