I just arrived home and learned an important point.  Each morning, Monday through Friday, I try to walk at least one half hour.  Because of inactivity during the holiday, I didn’t, so the result is chronic back pain.  The pain is the result of over-reaching to get something and hearing a snap when I was in my early twenties.  It doesn’t bother me much except when I kneel or gain weight.  I’ve learned not to kneel but not putting on weight is another matter.  Today, the traffic was bad the way I would have to return, so I opted not to ride home and walk.  The back, yes, is in pain, but my thought is this, the extra exercise for the day will go to minimize the pain later.

How many of us have given up on life’s goals because we hadn’t learned the lesson about “a little each day”?  In my own, and I’ve thought about it over the years, had I exercised “a little each day” I would be in better shape and condition.  If I had taken my education seriously and attempted “a little each day” how many degrees might I have attained by this time in my life?  This will always remain unknown.  However, I do practice this, which I’ve been sharing for quite a while now, I read my Bible “a little each day” which has enabled me to have read it, cover-to-cover, quite frequently.  I’m proud of this lesson learned but can I not apply it to other areas of my life?

Many great expectations and goals are never achieved because we become frustrated and disappointed because we went for the whole instead of taking “a little each day”.  What’s the rush?  Now I’m retired I’m learning the benefit of doing “a little each day” in order to have a fulfilled day.  Too much of any “one” thing doesn’t satisfy me, but when I can reassess my day before falling asleep, I take great pleasure in making some sort of progress for that day which gives me motivation for the next.

Now, what I’m going to say now is a personal observation of some people I’ve met living in this country, which is applicable to others no matter where you might be:  “don’t let the day go without having attained something you hadn’t done previously.”  I asked someone yesterday what was accomplished.  She had no answer?  I also learned she had no job.  Something is wrong with this picture.  I remembered when I was looking for work how exasperating this can be.  However, I got up, showered and shaved, put on going-to-an-interview clothes, packed a lunch and then sat on a bench looking at the ocean, the whole day.  My attitude was such, even if I hadn’t a plan for the day at least I could “look” as if I did.

My brother shared his experience when he was between work, “I never chose to receive unemployment benefits.  I recognized an opportunity will never occur between my front door and the mailbox.  I had to go beyond.”  I like that philosophy.  When we begin to make excuses for achieving goals in our lives there might as well have been no goals, because the end result is the same:  NOTHING!

If we all began doing something “a little each day” toward a goal we’d like to accomplish, there will come a day when all those “a little each day” would have added up and success will be the result.


January 13, 2015


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