The Lord gave me this message as a way to open the door to share with others who were not conscientious about what was going on, while I was living on the island of Puerto Rico, which lie in the path of many hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean.  Now, I live in the South Pacific, in Typhoon country which get hit regularly so the message is quite applicable to them.  Yet, if you consider the intent of the message, it applies to everyone no matter where you live.

When you turn on your radio, television or Internet and hear there is a hurricane approaching, what do you do?  Most people would say, “Begin to prepare for the storm.”  And, this would make sense.  Stores shelves are cleared with people making purchases of bottled water, canned food, batteries, generators, containers of fuel, etc., because one does not know how long they might be without power, provided your house is still standing after the storm hits.  Those who keep their eye on the approaching storm take away from the time necessary to prepare for the storm.  Those who prepared themselves, regardless of the storm hitting or not, were prepared; whereas those who kept watch on the storm, without preparing were left to suffer tragedy which could have been avoided.

If I were to ask a similar question, “What is the most important message which should be preached from the pulpit today?” many would say, “Love God and your fellowman”, or “Get your life right”, or “Grace and Repentance”, but I propose to you, these are the people who are watching for the storm and not the ones being prepared!  The greatest message which SHOULD be given from the pulpit every time someone stands behind the Sacred Desk, should be, “Jesus is soon to come!”

Jesus is soon to come.

If Jesus is likened to the approaching hurricane, then what does one do with the news, “Jesus is soon to come?”  Well, wouldn’t they, “love God and their fellowman”?  Wouldn’t they, “get their lives right”? and wouldn’t they know about, “grace and repentance”?  I think so.  Too much effort is being spent on the acts without knowing the why?  If no one reported about the imminent hurricane approaching, nobody would be warned.  The same about Jesus’s soon return.  How frequently, think about it, how frequently is this mentioned from your church’s pulpit?  Did you hear about it during the last sermon you heard?  Was it made loud and clear Jesus is on the way?  I’m afraid the message has been preached so much we’ve become resistant and complacent we don’t take it seriously anymore.  Our grandparent’s grandparents spoke about it, they spoke about it, and now we’re speaking about it, sometimes, and our children/grandchildren perhaps hear it less than even we did, until it is forgotten, the relevance, and when the first winds begin to blow, the question will be asked, “What was that?”

We really need to concentrate of what is important, for our lives, each and every day.  How many of us go about our daily lives in preparation for this event?  Let me give you a sobering thought:  “You will only get once chance at this to get it right!”

So, get it right.


May 26, 2015


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