In my morning’s devotions, I came across this quotation: “There will always be false and fanatical movements made by persons in the church who claim to be led of God—those who will run before they are sent, and will give day and date for the occurrence of unfulfilled prophecy. The enemy is pleased to have them do this, for their successive failures and leading into false lines cause confusion and unbelief.”

When I read this, I was reminded of several people’s posts, last week, which seem to be upon this same theme.  Their question was, “If our church, Seventh Day Adventist, were founded upon the principles of “The Third Angel’s Message”, the “Sanctuary Service” and “Health Message”, why is it we do not hear these messages from the pulpit?  One brother went on to mention, in his almost twenty years attending church, he’s never heard anyone preach about the “Sanctuary Service”, especially since it is so important in understanding the Gospel and Scripture.  He has a very good point.  I began to respond, to him, but decided to wait until given guidance before attempting to share with him some thoughts.  Today, it is time.

The quotation makes it clear there will always be counter truths spread, by well-meaning people, because it is for certain these messages have been forsaken.  Sadly, I, too, have had to result to using YouTube in order to get the “straight testimony” because our messages are not presented during the Sabbath Divine Worship.  In the Philippines, seldom is the Sacred Desk occupied by men who’ve been trained in our seminaries.  Pastors having two, three and four churches, yet their message although perhaps more than what has been delivered in their absence yet fails to provide the “meat” of the Message.  I was just reminded how in my youth, when the word, “Message” was said, everyone knew what it meant.  Today, this is not so. Those weeks when he’s, the pastor, is not present, I couldn’t even begin to call what is presented by guest speakers, “milk”!  Now, while I’m all in favor of people given an opportunity to demonstrate their gifts, the point is, people’s spiritual condition and soul salvation is in the balance and it is too precious to be treated lightly.  The church doesn’t know about these important messages and could it be, could it be, because the clergy are not comfortable enough with it to present it?

Maybe it is time for the Laity to hone their messages during the weeks the pastors are absent.  Maybe it is time for the members to demand from their pastors to hear the straight and strict word of God.  It is my belief when this is presented, those who claim to be given “new” light would pale in comparison and would think twice before offering their ideas.  While there “should be” inconsistencies between our church and nominal churches, there should be a cohesiveness within our church no matter where one desires to worship.  Isn’t it interesting no matter where one worships on Sabbath, if you get there early enough, well, for most churches who have their Sabbath School the first part of the service, you’re going to get the same information; and perhaps it would be equally as well if the same could be said from the Sacred Desk?  However, if we continue presenting these “weak” messages, from “weak” speakers, sadly we’re going end up with “weak” members, of “weak” churches, and what would be the use?

But we were warned, weren’t we?  Even a casual review of the Laodicean message in Rev. 3 would indicate the pitiful state we’re in.  Does it mean we have to be?  No!  I call upon all pastors and laity to make a commitment, and I’m taking my own counsel here, when given the opportunity to stand before God’s people, will preach/share/teach messages which are directly related to either of the three doctrinal points which separate our church from those other churches; because, the truth be told, IF, and I repeat, IF, we fail to do so, then we might as well join with the other churches because we’re no different, and we should be.  We need to be!


November 10, 2014


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