As I spend these days of recent, I’ve come to learn something just now.  Many of the conversations which are actually debates, which often lead to arguments, especially in religious discussions, are masks for people who are not able to say honestly, and forthright, “I need help and I don’t know what to do.”  Pride, the fear of getting hurt, keeps people from revealing themselves because they don’t want to appear as being weak, below others, not having arrived, less than what they really are, and if, IF, they were only able to articulate the words, “Help me, someone…” then they would find the solution, their answer and eventual peace.

Many people come to me, whether through email, inbox or text messages and see me as a “pastor”, “confidant”, “advisor” when in truth, I struggle just as they do, if not more.  What makes me any greater or seemingly more stable than you?  There is only one answer:  Jesus.  However, if you have Him, too, then we’re on equal footing!

One possibly solution is an experience I had while I was in my first drug ministry recovery house.  I was there merely days when others, even the staff, who’d been there much longer, would come to me looking for solutions for problems.  I would spend hours upon hours speaking, counseling and sharing with those who were suffering and in pain.  God revealed something to me in a vision I will share:  One night, He showed me two spoons.  One was larger than the other, and there were many smaller spoons which were waiting to receive contents from the larger until the larger one didn’t have anything to give.  God’s message, to me, was I was there to be filled myself and not to “give”.  How could I expect to receive healing, where He brought me to, and I was not taking the time to receive it?  It’s impossible for success to take place otherwise.  And for sure, the one counselor I would counsel, took the money to the ministry and left!  I left after 30 days to a ministry which was to last at least one year!  I failed in getting what I was there to receive and it would be years later before I would be given another opportunity, and this time, I did what I needed to be successful.

We, you and I, must spend time with God individually, by prayer, meditation, studying.  We need that “closet” time when there is nobody else but ourselves and God, locked into a time when we can have our “little spoons” filled properly and fully so when the time is right, THEN and ONLY THEN we’re able to go about filling other’s spoons.

My Friends, God is more than able to help you.  More than able to help you rise above your problems and issues, but you MUST STOP claiming them as yours and won’t release them.  This is a lesson I’m still learning, too, so let’s agree to do this together.


September 22, 2014


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