Before writing what is in my thoughts I looked for an appropriate photo; but, how does one show “thunder”?  I didn’t want to choose a photo with “lightening” although this usually precedes “thunder”, both are two and distinct occurrences of the same event.  So, suffice it to say, the word “Thunder” is more than apropos for my post.

I’ve been around for almost 62 years.  During these years I’ve seen/heard quite a few storms, some excelling others in strength and memory, but what occurred earlier this week had me considering, “That’s the loudest ‘Clap of Thunder’ I have ever heard.”  I’m fascinated by storms.  While many run from, I run to.  I was working on my laptop, as I’m doing now, and no doubt preparing to storm as the eventual rain gave evidence was when the thunder occurred, one of my cats headed toward the bathroom stopped and looked at me and I at her.  Her eyes said it all.  She was frozen wondering what to do and my eyes conveyed the thought, “Yes, that was a BIG one!”  I wondered why my electricity remained working.

I watched a video which informed me there were several earthquakes, noticeable in intensity in Alaska, California, Oklahoma and Texas a few days ago, occurring within minutes of each other.  I hadn’t heard anything from any of you living in the U.S., not had my earthquake monitors picked up on it sounding an alert.  I have it set for anything above a 6.0.  And this is what causes me concern.  I’ll share with you what does.

There are many things which are going on around us which we ignore because we’ve experienced it too frequently in the past.  Those who live in Alaska have been undergoing some frequent events with earthquakes just as those in California which is normal for them.  Perhaps not as frequent in Texas and Oklahoma, but the succession of them occurring, at the same time, this is not normal.  Thunder is a normal experience but when one stands out above all others, it should take notice.   Satan has a way to cause events to occur which numbs us in terms of catching our attention, so the Lord, every now and then allows/causes something to occur which should wake us regarding the impending danger.

I’m going to make a point here and I need you to get the point and look beyond your normal reaction.  I see many of your posts about people suffering, “Christians” suffering in various parts of the world at the hands of Muslims, extremists, as well as those innocents dying because of storms and such tragedy.  I’m reminded of the quarter million people swept away by the tsunami which hit the Indonesian area one December day several years ago.  The Good Lord allow and the devil commits such atrocities and for good reason.  It’s reminiscent to what is occurring in our living/rec rooms all over the world.  We become exposed to such violence—daily, when it occurs in real life we are numb especially when it is in some remote part of the world.

I’ve been hungry before but never starving.  I’ve been ill but not sickened by a man-made chemical threat carried out.  I have had threats on my life but not a knife held to my throat.  I’ve had a gun held to my head and the trigger pulled but I’m here to recount the experience.  How many others are not?  How many others have we heard but it becomes just “news” and we’re thankful it didn’t occur in our house or on our street?  I believe the devil is setting us up for when these events become directed at Commandment-keeping Christians and the rest of the world will say, “no problem because THEY are the problem” for all the catastrophes occurring today.  You do know this will occur, right?

Everything which is occurring today should be recognized for what it is:  conditioning.  While I am sorry to hear, or see in the news, the many things happening to so many people and couldn’t imagine myself undergoing what they’re experiencing, like those Rohingya people in Myanmar.  Or what’s going on in Syria and what will happen there very soon; but, I refuse to become so numb when an event occurs such as the “clap of thunder” I experienced this week will have been relegated to my memory as just “another one of those”.

Things are going to get bad—quick, and we need to be prepared and not wary.  We are going to see some things and we cannot allow them to sicken us because the time we spend in recovery just might be the time we need to get away.  This is what amazes me about soldiers engaged in war.  Our sensibilities need to be placed in the right mode of thinking for when we see loved ones removed and destroyed in our sight.  We will need to move along—quickly or suffer their fate, choosing another time to grieve.  I truly think most us have no clue what is to occur and when it does, it will be too late.

I’m grateful for having that “clap of thunder” to awaken me to what is just ahead.

April 14, 2018