I have read and often had an opinion and expressed regarding the 144,000.  Listening to many others and their view, from those who have superior training from accredited universities to those who haven’t even ventured upon the hallowed ground of educational exploits.  There are those who believe the number is literal opposing those who believe the number is figurative.  There are those who believe they have to be literal Jews because of the specific tribal name mentioned to those who believe they would comprise of spiritual Jews having specific characters similar to those having been named.  What is certain; however, is this, whether literal or figurative, whether Jew or Gentile alike, when the Time of Trouble is upon this planet and you’re still alive, you would want to be right with God which makes you separate from those who are not, making you a member of this group of the highest regard.

It has dawned on me, this morning, to think of this number as being both literal and figurative, both Jew and Gentile, combining all these elements into one and let me explain this position.  Everything regarding end-time events has to be compared with examples from earlier periods of Scripture.  The Bible makes it clear that these things were written for example.  If we examined the example we will save ourselves from a whole lot of spurious thinking and debates.  Jesus compared the end-times as that with what occurred during the time of Noah.  If we do this, we shall always, I repeat, always find clarity about what is facing us.  Questions about what was to occur was raised then and it should not be raised now.  Time is too serious to be second-guessing. We need to know and stand upon tested and tried ground, which is Truth.

The similarities are very simple to understand.  God told Noah to prepare a vessel, an Ark, for him and his family, yet he was to preach to the condemned world for 120 years.  After the end of all that building and preaching God’s determination in what He first told him became a reality, “You and your family.”  There was no literal Jew then but it could be determined and justified by saying he was a “figurative” Jew.  And because of the preaching there was a separation between he and them, similarly to Jew and Gentile during the time of Christ.  Now, with regard to the number.  No one knows how many people were living then, but the number of eight persons saved is both literal and figurative.  Literal because we know actually how many, but figurative because we have no clue who accepted his message but died prior to the Flood, like Methuselah.  In comparison, eight versus so many millions to 144,000 to 7 billion is not a difficult feat to fathom.  And, oh, the “ark”?  Just as Noah had an ark we have an ark.  Our ark is what contains the Ten Commandments, which IS the separator and keeps the people of God safe during whatever will transpire during those most difficult days.

So, personally, I think it is ridiculous to have discussions as to who constitutes the actual 144,000.  I’ve read somewhere there will come a time when this will be made clear as to what it literally means.  This tells me when the event is occurring THEN and ONLY THEN will we know for certain whether whatever specifications are met, and we are living, we would, no, should desire to be in that number.  And should I have to fall away as in the case of Methuselah, then all the better because I’m resting as many others until that day when I’m called forth from the grave to join EVERYONE, whether four and twenty, whether 144,000, I’m still a part of that “Great Multitude” which no man can number.


February 25, 2015


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