Of recent there have been conversations, posts, which have attempted to state information regarding the mysterious number: 144,(000).  There are many who believe they will be “literal” Jews, while others take the understanding they are “figurative”.  There is the school of belief the number is also literal, while another group believe it is figurative.  So, what is the truth?  Mostly, those who believe the number is literal in both applications, is due mostly to the names inscribed on the gates to the New Jerusalem, named after the twelve tribes of Israel.  And even in this matter, there is question because the twelve actual names from which the tribes of Israel is derived are not the same as listed from the progeny of Jacob.  So, there appears to be another “figurative” and not “literal” clue.

Let me state this from the beginning:  does it really matter?  Is it a matter of salvation?  While it is apparent, out of the three groups who are redeemed: 24 elders, 144,000 and “multitude no man can number”, I KNOW for a fact, I will not be of the 24 since they’ve already been determined.  There is a good chance I won’t be in the 144,000, for many reasons, but I’ll be so glad to be in the “multitude” as long as I am in the Kingdom.  I don’t even need a special place or mansion.  I’ll be glad to have a broom and sweep and live outside, as long as I make it in!

Now, let’s examine some thoughts regarding 144.  There is a verse in the Scriptures which could help us.  But first, let me ask you, what is the purpose of having a wall, or fence around any property?  I can think of several reasons: (1) Protection, (2) Privacy, and (3) Property which is separated.  Read this verse:

“And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of the angel.” Rev 21:17 (KJV)

Let’s use today’s measurements to determine just how high this wall is surrounding the New Jerusalem.  In meters it would be almost 66.  Since the metric system means nothing to me, let’s go with the trusty American system, 216 feet!  That’s over 21 stories or 1/5th the height of the fallen Twin Towers.  Can you imagine walls being so high?  Now, consider Babylon’s walls:  were 56 miles in length, 80 feet thick and 320 feet high!  Now, THAT’s a wall.  But, they had reason to build a wall like that, for obvious reasons looking back and still it didn’t provide anything other than a false security.  Jericho’s wall was up to about 17 feet, and we know what happened to them.  I guess Babylon learned from them.  So, a reasonable question would be asked, why would the New Jerusalem’s wall necessitate being so high if there are no enemies?  Could the number given be an eschatological one based upon figurative?  But it is the actual number which has my attention.  144.  The root of 144 is 12. The number “12” means “complete”, signifies what is finished or completed forming a harmonious, perfect entity.  For further interesting research, Google the number.  So, the walls encompassing the city to which we would like to think we’re headed is “perfect” forming a “harmonious” conclusion.

What about this number of people who will go through the last days, living during the Time of Trouble.  For one, since students of “true” prophecy know they are sealed by the keeping of the Fourth Commandment, the Sabbath Day through the administration of the Holy Spirit, I don’t see them as being literal Jewish because that’s no challenge for them to have kept the Sabbath and definitely not a concern for them of ever having taken the “Mark of the Beast” or Sunday-worship.  Secondly, the Jewish Dispensation, or economy (nation) ended in respects of them being God’s “chosen” people in 34 A.D. at the time of Stephen’s stoning.  It was THEN you and I, assuming most of us do not have any literal connection to being of Abraham’s seed, were able to be brought into the “spiritual” nation of Israel.  For today, I am a “spiritual Jew” as well as being a “Christian”.  The two are not conflictive at all.  In fact, if you are not both, then you have a serious problem and won’t have to worry about seeing any wall, at least from the inside!

So, it would be my assertion the actual number of people having to go through the Time of Trouble will not be “literal” Jews, but “spiritual” and there will not be a “literal” number of 144,000 but a “spiritual” amount because of them being not perfect(ed) but because they ARE perfect!  Let me make my point here.  We know the Time of Trouble, during the time the plagues are unleashed upon this earth will take place when Probation closes.  This means, as according to Scripture,

“He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.” Rev 22:11 (KJV)

So, those persons will have been made “righteous” and “holy” which allows them to go through this time of trouble, perfect,

“…for they are without fault before the throne of God.” Rev 14:5 (KJV)

And this is not “figurative” but actual!

Therefore, my friends, it will be a “perfect” number of people who will be “perfect” before God who will be able to go through this most horrendous time of our world’s history “perfectly”.

Whatever the case, we will know for certain, some before and others afterward how God worked it all out.  Let’s just continue working on our salvation issues so we can be in one of those groups.


October 3, 2015