I read this a few minutes ago: “A continual transgression of nature’s laws is a continual transgression of the law of God. Had men always been obedient to the law of the Ten Commandments, carrying out in their lives the principles of those precepts, the curse of disease now flooding the world would not exist.”

This could apply to sin. IF man had completely observed all of the 10 Commandments, which was possible having been created in a perfect state, there would be no sin and no sickness, leading to death. Think about it, we never read of Christ being sick, do we? He did it. He kept all of the 10 Commandments perfectly. After all He should have because He’s the One who handed them to Moses on Mt. Sinai. He’s also the One who explained to Adam and Eve what was written in their hearts. The Bible called Job an “upright and perfect” man but we never heard of him suffering sickness except what was permitted by God, through Satan.

My point? Some of you say the 10 Commandments were nailed on the cross? So, does this mean we don’t have to observe them? Then what do we have? Some would say, “Grace”. Don’t get it twisted: grace comes becomes you did wrong. That’s what grace means. One doesn’t receive grace if you haven’t done anything wrong. And how could there be anything wrong (sin) if there is no Law (Commandments)? And it is humorous to me, no one has any problem with the 10 Commandments except the fourth one which obligates man in keeping the Seventh Day Sabbath! Is that one any different than the others?

My Bible tells me we’re ALL going to be judged by the Law. There’s only one which was put in the Ark of the Covenant which John saw in Heaven in our future (Rev. 11:19), not our past. So, if it is used as our standard should not it makes sense to be in compliance with it? I certainly do not want to be guilty of breaking one, the Sabbath, and then be guilty of them all, especially having kept them all! Enjoy your day.


July 24, 2014


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