1, 3, 7, 10, 12

If you are wondering what these numbers represent, it represents “truth”.  These are the “perfect” numbers of God.  It is from these numbers, mathematics if you will, we learn about God and how He operates in our world because, for many of us, numbers were the beginning of our basics.  How many of you can attest it was the purpose of our parents, before teachers would enter into our lives, who would strive to teach us: 1 + 1 = 2?  None of us today remember that lesson, but nobody can refute what has been grounded within us, can they?  And it is upon this foundation all truth has been built and it establishes us.

Let’s go through each number:


There is “one” God.  It is ONLY Him we worship.


There are “three” persons which compose of this “one” God!  Now, I know this is a stretch for those who do not understand the “Trinity”.  But it’s okay.  Eventually you will get it, too.  I’ll give the briefest of explanation here:  (1) God the Father, as I mentioned previously is Who we worship, (2) God the Son is how we got here and it is because of Him is how we are being saved, so we are able to worship the Father, and (3) Because Jesus has an appointment in the Sanctuary for the furtherance of our salvation, He sent the Holy Spirit to always guide us in truth regarding the Son, who points us to the Father.  When we say His “Holy Spirit” is a power and not an actual entity is when we deny Him, His existence, which is a form of blasphemy and we KNOW anyone committing this sin cannot be saved.  How can you be saved in something/Someone you do not believe?


Denotes the perfection, the completeness of God and what He does.  It explains how He finished creating our world in six days and on the seventh day He rested, with His creation, giving us an example to be carried out for eternity in “memorial” to Him.  By doing this, worshiping Him on His memorial, it designates us who we are as compared to those who do not do this.  Either you are “Christian” or you are “pagan”.  Either you are “saved” or you are “lost”.  Either you keep His “holy” day or you keep an “unholy” day.


God gave us His Ten Commandments as an example of how to worship Him and living lives according to His love.  They are complete and perfect.  They cannot ever be changed, altered or done away.  Man will for present and eternity future be under its obligation, which is done ONLY in love.


God, in His wisdom established His early church upon twelve tribes, twelve patriarchs and His latter church upon twelve apostles.  Salvation comes from being a part of this great body and it is through one of these twelve gates will we enter in the Kingdom to worship Him.

Now, not to be undone the enemy, devil, has his own set of “im”perfect numbers, too.  His are:

6, 1

Notice the order?  It is never correct in terms of placement and those following his numbering scheme will find themselves out of order and their final placement not in the best of places!


Represents his incompleteness.  Always wanting to be like “7” but always coming up one short.


Where God’s day of worship is the “seventh” day (Sabbath/Saturday), the enemy has created his own idea of how to worship God, a counterfeit, so they’re really worshiping him and not the true God, by keeping the “first” day (Sunday/so-called Lord’s Day).  And since he is not able to “create” anything, everything he claims is false along with his teaching.

Now, there you have it, my friends.  While I was never good in school with mathematics, I became an expert when it came to the basics.  How about you?


September 12, 2015