These were various articles I wrote several years ago which many have found helpful in discovering, treating and aftercare of family and friends who were caught in addiction.  These articles are not meant to be read in any order.  Click on the red-highlighted titles and learn what I’ve experienced.  I would surely appreciate any comments or feedback of your own success/failure stories for consideration in publishing.

Addiction Cure – the One and Only Guarantee

In the world of addiction recovery, there is a familiar saying which equivocates to simply, “no, thank you” and here it is, “What works for others may not work for me.” This is certainly true when it comes to secular, humanistic methods. In fact, they’re the first to admit, “There is no cure.” So, why would I be interested in applying something to my life, which I desperately need, if it is already believed it won’t work! Is there a, “cure” which works for everyone, every time? There is, but you have to be willing to experience beyond the established norm. If you want normal, then you do not really want to be cured of your addiction. Apparently, your addiction is not so bad where you are desperate enough to try something which means having to reach beyond yourself. I needed help. I sought help. I received help and it is available to anyone who simply makes the request, “Save me.”

No Cure for Addiction – The Greater Denial

If you do not believe in God, this article is not for you. If you believe in God, but question God’s power for today, this article is not for you. If you believe in God and believe He continues healing even today, curing all sickness, illness and disease, you may wish to continue reading. If you or someone you love is the victim of a bad choice, whose symptoms appear in the form of an addiction and want healing, this article is definitely for you.

Women in Addictive Relationships

Women Crying Out

For almost a year I have seen scores of women utilizing social websites, one in particular called Daily Strength, where questions are asked for others to provide them with suggestions and support. There are many whose best suggestion is to attend Al Anon where they are sitting with others who share their same situation. Suddenly a new subculture is developed…

Unresolved Pain, the Reason For Addiction


This is what begins addiction.  It is as simple as this.  It doesn’t have to be a complicated process or tied to theoretical terminology.  PAIN is the cause of addiction.  When something unpleasant happen in our life and we are not able to find resolution, this causes us to be uncomfortable.  This uncomfortability becomes a painful experience and we need to find relief because we don’t like it.  We sought comfort in remedies for colds through medication.  As we become older we seek answers to help us with pain by discussing our issues with those we come to respect and believe have our best interest, but for many, there was no magic pill to take or person in power to speak with so we turned within ourselves to cover this pain which would find its way out and create various anti-social activity.  Some would rebel against the church and stop attending.  Others would use the excuse of “making a statement” by changing their normal appearance of dress or by puncturing holes in their bodies for metal earrings, studs and plugs and others still would seek to color their hair.  All of which is not only a mask which is poorly covering their pain but doesn’t help one bit in resolving it because although drawing attention to themselves it does not bring attention to the reason for the act.  This is the same problem with that of drug and alcohol addiction.  These things draw attention to themselves but not the reason for which precipitated the act and this is why society as a whole and treatment as a cure becomes a pitiful failure because we’re going after the symptom and not the root…

Responsibility to Others

I sit in my room pondering, why am I here? I know the title of my recently published book, “If You Send Me, I Will Go” is definitely the reason but my anxious personality characteristic is not accustomed to just sitting and not knowing. I like to be involved and yet I hear the gentle voice of God telling me, “It is your time now. You will see what I will do for you.” So, I wait and go through the struggle of remaining still and sober because just before something good begins, our common enemy always makes his presence felt, and he has. He has tried to tempt me to return to the actual first place where I picked up and there were bodily reactions to that temptation, but God has prepared me for this. There is no longer any excuse valid for failure. I know God has placed me here to do a work for Him and for the saving of others and one cannot remain anointed for a task of God by failure and repentance. This should have already been past, and now I know it has made me more resolved to stand firm and grounded. How can I teach one can overcome addiction, by faith, if I am not utilizing it myself…

Identifying Gives License

Five years later I would be invited to return to my birthplace, Cleveland, by an invitation of my brother. When I arrived I didn’t know the exact location of where he lived so I stopped by our brother’s home, who was glad to see me and invited me to stay with him. I did. One night about 1am in the morning, he told me I had to go! He is a police detective and I’m sure had his reason although to this day I don’t know why he put me out but he made one mistake. He returned to work and I had a key and combination key-code to the security system, as well as knew where he kept his stash of money. I helped myself to some of the money and on my way out whispered, “Thanks, Bro. I’ll have a nice party on you.” When it was learned later by some relatives what I’d done the question was put to me, “Why would you steal from your brother after he invited you to live with him?” My answer: “He knows I’m addict. It’s what addicts do…”

When people have told me, “Suicide is the coward’s way out”, they haven’t a clue what they’re speaking. The preservation of life is so great to be able to overcome this force of power and to take one’s life is not cowardly. It’s no different than the one who’s life is headed toward the final termination because of illness and pain medication no longer works unless put into a comatose state. You just want to end the pain when there is “perceived” no further “hope” available to you. When that man put his gun to my head and I defied him to pull the trigger, I had lost “hope”. When I sucked the fumes of my car, unconscious for six hours, I had lost “hope”. When I digested pills and alcohol and was found and rushed to the hospital and had my stomach pumped, I had lost “hope”. I was not a coward but could not see tomorrow but am grateful for the One who did see and had a plan for my life. He gave me “hope”…

In our series of articles offering guidance and encouragement to the Family and Friends of those loved ones who find themselves caught in addiction, it is time to consider what is their responsibility to us when they are beginning this “Recovery” lifestyle after treatment. Perhaps this article would be worthy to print and give them a copy so they may begin to consider and allow God to provide them with insight…

Family and Friends of Addicts – After Treatment

I learned in my addiction and recovery experience there is only one Source of cure: God. It didn’t matter what program, ministry or other methods of treatment; because of my relationship with Him and His love for me, I have concluded “HE” was the source of my being healed. I could mention in my testimony how various ministries and persons were involved, but it was Him who brought them all together to bring about the desired result. They could not act upon their own volition to help me. He did it. Many persons did not want anything to do with me further, but He acted upon their conscience and because of their relationship with Him, they became obedient and He was able to work through them, for me. So, I need to be very clear about this. GOD GETS THE CREDIT FOR MY OVERCOMING ADDICTION TO CRACK COCAINE as well as other addictions I’ve had to conquer and face in my life. To those who assisted, “thank you” for allowing Him to use you…

So, here it is! That cry for help to get over this painful experience of addiction. So, what do you do? It is my goal to offer practical and effective solutions. Addiction is a very difficult beast and you may think after I have explained how to go about it is very simple but the truth is, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as most think it is. There is no bar to cross over or be met in order to get the addicted along the path of sobriety. It takes a resolution to do it and then let God take over and do His part. You must remember, you are called to guide but not to heal. God alone is the Healer but will guide you in the process to bring the person to Him…

Family and Friends of Addicts – Delaying the Bottom

When I was in my addiction, which I commonly refer to as being “out there”, one of the easiest methods of gaining money was through family and friends. Sometimes the most creative of lies produced the easiest influx of money which obviously delayed my need to reach out and finally get the help I needed. I remember hearing the testimony of someone who said his addiction was so bad his family did not want to have him even on the property. He had a sister who would prepare him a plate of food and would bring it to him while he sat on the curb down the street from the house. When he finished, he’d leave the plate and fork and she’d later retrieve it. One would think this would be a reasonable task, to provide food, no, let’s dress it up, “nourishment” for someone we love and living on the streets of addiction. Let me be clear: each plate of food, this nourishment you are providing, keeps the addict, “out there” just a little bit longer than necessary…

Family and Friends of Addicts

It seems the last one to know about someone you love is caught in addiction is you. Mostly it could be because of the strategy addicts develop in protecting what they are doing as well as your naivete or denial such a condition exists not only in your relationship but in your home. Certainly when your spouse, child, parent or significant other announced going out to get a loaf of bread or initiated by your request to do so, returning hours later than normal should have raised more than just the proverbial brow. For many of us, hiding our heads in the sand was a preferred state because we just would rather not know. Then the day arrives when there can be no longer any doubt of what is occurring…


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