Last week, I forgot and then I remembered, but it was too late to write the next installment of my new addiction, because it is what we have become when we are addicted, and we overlook those other things which are just as important, even more so.  We begin to change who we are, becoming one, like a husband and wife, and our addiction to the Internet or Facebook, becomes one with us and sadly, there is no room for family, friends, job, or the normal activities of life!

Look around you.  How many people do you see walking around with their faces glued to mobiles?  I was recently at the police headquarters where passing the inspection point, there were three police officers, engaged on their mobiles and a quick glance seeing the familiar blue-colored bar on top of the screen told me they were more concerned about their posts, or other’s posts, than they were about me and their guard “post” entering/leaving their grounds.  I could have been a terrorist, for all they knew, walking with a rocket launcher and unless someone post about me with photo provided, I could pass by unnoticed!

Do we really now notice the people in our lives?  Even the stranger who passes us, there was a time when people would make eye contact and smile or even greet with a “Good morning/evening” or “It was nice seeing you.”  These are sayings which are becoming a former way of life.  Now, I’m all for advancement in technology, and can see the benefits of having gadgets, but I can also see a danger for those, of us, who have an addicted personality and caught up and we begin to look at work, family and friends, as intruders, well, unless they are on our friend’s page!  I could not even imagine working today and having this addiction and access to the Internet, at work!  I would have to be one of those who’d have to leave my mobile in my car, but lunchtimes would be filled with catching up.  How many times are we late in returning to our needed tasks because of mobiles?

Up until about six months ago, I never bothered with a mobile or tablet.  Now, I have both combined into one gadget and should I need to step away from the home laptop, I can still be in contact, but I have not permitted myself to actually walk down a street with gadget in hand.  Not because the cement sidewalks are so uneven and crooked I’d break my neck with my eyes not focused on the ground, and I have tripped thrice since being here, so I can only imagine how many more times would be added if I were on a gadget trying to navigate the streets of Manila, but I don’t do it because I want to be aware of my surroundings.  I’m a stranger here and I stand out and I accept I can be considered a target by those who have bad intentions for foreigners, so, I am aware of my surroundings.

Sadly, I am not aware of those who surround me.  It is because of “Who I Have Become”.

Who We Become