First, it was the sirens and fire trucks pulling up outside.  Of course, the second instinct is to go look outside and see how close it might be.  Opening the window, I could tell whatever was happening was not close to me, so I had no interest regarding what was going on.  Until…my internet went down!  Restarting my router, I picked up my phone.  No service!  Went upstairs to try the cable.  Nothing!  Oh boyyyyy!  This is not going to be fun because NOW I had an interest what was going on out there ONLY because it was affecting what should be going on “in here”!

Got dressed and headed out and saw more fire trucks and the smoking remains of what was once a business/residence blackened.  My concern was the power lines which delivered what I consider necessities and why was it affecting me.  When I got back home, I sat.  Tried using my phone/tablet to access the data provider, which worked but running slowly.  Even tried to hack into the various motels which are close by which offer Wi-Fi.  Almost went out there to bribe one of the workers to give me their password!  Decided to download to my flash drive a video, went upstairs, watched and fell asleep dreaming and hoping for a better day tomorrow.


Well, the cable is now working, the phone/internet provider says it is a network problem and being worked on.  So, I got my pocket Wi-Fi going and using it to access the Internet on my laptop, and using the data to access the Internet on my phone/tablet.  I need optimum speed for both devices.  I even said this and you might not want to quote me,

“If heaven doesn’t have a fast speed connection, I ain’t going!”

Internet/Facebook addiction is a very real, tangible and life-changing matter which should be taken seriously.  Sure, I might make it sound humorous but it is not.  Did I bother to inquire whether everybody made it out okay?  Did I even think about how there is very little insurance in this country and those who lost their homes/business lost everything.  E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!  I thought about how I had insurance when I owned my home in the U.S.  If I had a fire, the house would be rebuilt which would make it better in terms of value, all my clothing, electronics, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G would have been replaced and I merely inconvenienced, but these people’s lives and family are changed and for some probably irrecoverably.

So, because I understand addiction, know what to expect, I’ll take it easy and get by.  Might even attempt to do something “outside the box” of how I live.  Got a letter I wrote for my elderly uncle.  Might make the effort to walk to the Internet Café, have them print it, and then walk to the post office to send it on its way.  Little else I can do with limited access.

Life.  It does have meaning, even while not being connected!

Internet Waiting