Many years ago, President Reagan’s wife, Nancy, came up with a slogan in the battle against drugs.  “Just Say No”.  While there were critics on both sides of the issue, in truth, Nancy’s advice, although quite simplistic carries a serious truth, if taken, provides the solution to the problem of addiction.  At one point all addicts, no matter your addiction, would have said multiple times, “no”, but there will come this final “NO” which would have ended whatever the addiction might be.

Every child learns the word “no” before any other word and many say it well and meaningfully.  How simple could this be?  That simple two letter word carries so much power it is unbelievable.  Look at how effective it should be in a court of law if a young lady tells a male suitor, “no”.  It can be the difference between jail and liberty.  There is so much power in this word, history has shown wars have begun because of it, so why not use this word, meaningfully, like a child, when it comes to dealing with our addiction to the Internet and/or Facebook?

The word “no” can be said with conditions.  It could be said in this way, “I will spend “no” more time on Facebook when the wife/husband/children enter the home”, or “I will say “no” to being online and looking at anything not related to work while I am at work”, or “I will “no” longer be online during the Sabbath hours”, etc.  If you wish to know how strong your addiction is, see what it will have to overcome when you have set parameters.

This past week, I was pleased with my “less” time online simply because the same power of the word “no” I used for various other addictions in my life, in the past, has helped me to deal with this one in the present.  I was able to get other things accomplished, go to bed and rest comfortably and maintain sociable connections which otherwise would have fallen victim to my addiction.  Yes, “my” addiction.  I have made it personal, because the sooner I do the sooner it will join the other former addictions.

It all begins by learning how to say, “no” and mean it.

furious businessman throws a punch into the computer

furious businessman throws a punch into the computer