Second only to God, an addict is the most creative individual on the face of the planet.  What took God seven days to complete, an addict will achieve in minutes and only when necessary, a whole lot more than seven days in order to complete their goal of separating you from whatever it is you have and they want.  The simple fact I can say this word:  “bell”, I got you conjuring up the many images of what a “bell” might be.  And it only took a word!

I just completed a binge of an old addiction updated to the digital age of technology.  I was able to separate good thinking people from their, well, good thinking in order to achieve what I wanted.  I was not successful in every case, but the mere fact the majority of times I was goes to prove just how creative AND how gullible people are!  One day, as usually my case, I will document this in some book I’m writing because it is how I handle things and it serves as a warning for the naïve.  To gain people’s trust is found in a mere twisting of words.  Give me your attention, I will hand you the loss of whatever it is I want from you.

When I was caught up in substance abuse and ran out of money and drugs, I would sit when sobriety arrived and posed this question, to myself:  “Somebody, somewhere has the means for me to get my next high.”  And in the highest percentage of time, it would be proven true.  Now, admittedly, once the goal was achieved, relationships, friendships, working relationships, all relationships were sold just for me to get another rock to put on a crackpipe.  It is no different today.  The only difference, the substance, is something intangible.  It comes in the form of your attention.  Do you think I care if any of the “ships” become destroyed in the process?  Nope.  Oh, there might be some regret later, but the moment of satisfaction arrived, and if nothing else, “thank you very much” for assisting me, even though you may not have a clue what you had done.

The best thing, and I used to advised this when I conducted seminars was to tell my audience, “if you come into contact with an addict, especially someone in full-blown, active addiction, the best thing you can do for that person AND yourself, was to escape!”  It is humorous as I think back and I will tell you why.  It is because nobody left the room when I held my seminars!  I gave full warning.

God said, “Let there be light.”  Sadly, many of the proverbial “light bulbs” have gone off which should have gone on above the heads of those, maybe some, reading this right now!  I’ll see you on my next binge.


April 7, 2016