Perhaps you’ve been missing my posts regarding “addiction”, but I hope you have not been “counting the time” until the next one, and I do that for a reason.  And if you look closely to my opening sentence, it will reveal the reason why:  “counting the time until the next one…”

I revealed several times how I don’t believe in counting one’s time of sobriety no matter the addiction and how I do not accept the ideology of celebrating anniversaries because of my experience when I was in “recovery”, which is also a word I don’t use.  I prefer the word, “restoration”.  I’ll explain this, too.  In the secular world they believe they are always in “recovery” and have never “recovered”.  Therein lies the differences.  When one comes to God and receives His healing and you accept, your “recovery” ended and “restoration” begins.  In other words, you have been “restored” in the image He has of you and there is no need going back—ever.

But, I digress!  I experienced attending a 20th year anniversary celebration for “John”.  John was awfully quiet during the preliminaries and when it was time for him to speak he revealed the most awesome witness I’d ever heard.  That previous evening, in their terminology he “relapsed”.  Another word I don’t use.  He “fell”.  And I admired his strength to admit it.  His was the most awesome “witness” I’d heard and I admire him for it.  Well, the party’s mood took a different direction, the cake was taken to the back of the room for the “snack” break and gifts were withheld and for what?  Another twenty years, for John?  In their, secular method of substance abuse recovery, that moment he would have to begin at “0”.  The thought of such, to me, is both unnerving, too difficult to perceive and personally, it is worthless.  Nobody considered what was really taking place in this man’s life, well, except maybe me.

I have nothing good to say regarding “secular” programs except to say their methodology and admission they cannot heal and there is no cure works against the “Christian” program of ministry.  Christ when He healed never said, “There is no cure.”  He never said, “Keep coming back.”  In fact, He said, “Go and tell everyone…what?”  That you did not receive that for which you’ve come!  I’ve accepted His healing in my life and I don’t think about the day when it occurred, or celebrate it had occurred, because acceptance is exactly this, acceptance, and it is applied to my life as if I have always had it and will always have it, so there is no starting or ending point.

In truth, those who count are only counting until the next time when they will have to begin over again, and I’m so glad this is not my story—not anymore.


May 29, 2016