If you heard the sounds of screeching tires coming to a complete stop, you heard my life’s story when I woke up at 6:00am, thinking to get an early start and the little red light was on my router instead of green.  And, like most addicts, not wanting to believe what is true and obvious, as you would continue scraping the crack-smoking “stem” pipe for whatever residue may still be present, just UNSEEN, is the same attempt to utilizing a disconnected internet, although the connection is SEEN not to be, um, connected!  So, I enter a life of being dis-connected from the world I have learned to live, the life of an Internet/Facebook Addict!

As a substance abuse addict, these are my options:  (1) Continue searching for drugs within the stem, (2) Search for drugs I might have dropped, misplaced during my self-induced state of paranoia, or (3) Resort to stealing.

As an Internet/Facebook addict, these are my options: (1) Continuing searching for a connection by turning off/on the router, (2) Contact the internet service provider and try to convince the person who answered the phone why I need to have my service—NOW, (3) Resort to pirating someone else’s connection.

None of which depicts a normal life which could have been: (1) Gotten up from the table and head to the bathroom for what should be routine hygiene, (2) Prepared breakfast, (3) Go for a walk.

One of the most taken-for-granted and unrealized aspect of coming out of an addiction is learning how to live again without the overruling life of the substance.  The Internet/Facebook is no different!  One needs to learn how to live life—again, without the Internet and/or Facebook.  Now, while there are many things, good and useful things people can do utilizing their various gadgets, unlike drugs because there is nothing good about them whatsoever, those who are addicted, with families, have so many options available to them IF ONLY they would  sit still long enough to find out what they could be and then participate.  However, life has gotten to the point when the connection is down, the addiction to the gadget itself is so strong we’ll resort to anything:  games, apps or simply holding the “thing” we’re not able to let go so other things could be held, like our loved ones!

The addiction is real, my friends, and one of the first steps, the ONLY step to overcoming one’s addiction to any substance whether it be to drugs, food, even gadgets, like myself, is to accept and acknowledge the fact we’re addicted, will do what addicts do until we decide we’re no longer addicted and therefore do not do what addicts do.

It’s not that complicated—only the addiction is!

Internet Addiction Changes Life