One of the most horrific, insane and pure stupidity of addiction is the burden we place upon ourselves in order to achieve the “high” we seek.  I’ll share my own experience with crack cocaine and make the correlation with that of the Internet and Facebook addiction.

If you will review the two photos I have chosen to use, you will first notice what is called, in the life, “stems”.  They’re cylinder-shaped pieces of glass used to smoke crack.  I’ve used it for marijuana, getting the best high I will ever attest, and I’m sure it is used with “ice” (crystal meth), as well.  Over time the glass will crack but it doesn’t stop the user as a functional piece of the drug paraphernalia.  When it gets too small, we’ll find preferable rubbing fittings in order to hold the glass to inhale the vapor.  I should make you aware for those who don’t, using a butane cigarette lighter, the flame is able to reach 800C/1,472F!  Can you imagine that heat being held to a piece of glass, an excellent conductor of heat, laying across your lips?  Can you imagine hearing the sound of your soft tissue boiling and frying all because you’re trying to get that good blast, and in some cases, the last blast?  If you had a good chuck of rock (crack) on your broken stem, you want to get that good high because while you’re “zooming” you won’t feel the pain of the second and third degree burns, as per the example in the other photo.  I cannot tell you how many times I did not, or could not, appear in public until my lips healed, calling in sick.  And there is no doubt, I was, and many others, sick!

Just how sick are you?  How much pain and suffering do you undergo to get that high, that last bit of pleasure utilizing your gadgets in order to access the Internet or Facebook?  How much pain is being suffered by loved ones waiting on you, having expectations of you, wanting you and needing you but you are too busy putting yourself in self-inflicted pain because of the feelings you encounter while tapping onto bits of plastic in order to live your life in a virtual world?  How many of you cannot just simply turn these devices off and go to bed?  How many lives have been changed to the point what you have done before they took over you can’t even remember how you lived prior?  It would seem, as it did for me with drugs, they were always a part of your life and to live without it would be impossible!

Thankfully, after all the years of burning my lips, I don’t have the scarring and discolored lips those who are darker complexioned than I, so it is very similar to those of you who are suffering pain, serious pain but there are no real obvious scarring except within your life and those whose lives are affected by you. Take a moment to realize what is really going on in your life.  Just as we learned in the world of substance abuse, the ones you hurt are your loved ones.  You see, they don’t have any drugs to mollify their pain.  Their pain is straight pain while yours is muddled by the addiction.

Burning lips

2nd Degree Lip Burns