Time has not changed one bit.  Who hasn’t had the experience being in an elementary classroom just having learned to scrawl on paper and sending a note from classmate to classmate until it gets to the intended person, and the note is simple; yet, it seems their whole world and identity is wrapped in the hopeful answer given to the question asked, “Do you like me, yes or no?”

We spend our lives seeking to be liked and Facebook has made it easy to achieve the goal making it numerical.  Some of us and I’ll add my name to that group will logon and see how many “likes” we have accumulated on certain posts.  Our whole identity is sometimes based on whether not only do we have what we have come to believe are the standard amounts of “likes”, but are we being “liked” by the right people?  How many of us are disappointed when that particular post doesn’t get the quota we have come to established as being “liked” or not?  We’ve gotten so we wish to accumulate “likes” because, well, it makes us feel better.

When “likes” grew up from the scrawl on slips of paper to the digital age on gadgets, what remains still in it’s childhood is us!  We haven’t grown as fast as the age of technology and this is the struggle because it is so much easier now to not be “liked” enough, or as much as we think we should be.  So, then we venture into the area of “sharing”.  If we cannot get the right amount of “likes”, we ask others to “share” and perhaps, just maybe, some who don’t know us will “like” us, too.  We’ve become the prostitutes and whores of the digital age, all our being acceptable is done in the currency of digital “likes”.

Even now, I will resist the urge to see how many of you “like” this post and I’ve set the standard even lower for those who will “share” it all the while laughing, to myself, who won’t hit the “like” button because I’ve made you to feel something about doing it, because I’ve called you out!  Sure, it is a struggle.  It is who we have become.  If nothing else, I wished I had came up with the idea of “Facebook”, just for the money’s sake.  Mark Zuckerberg can keep the BS, congressional hearings and dealing with the idiocy he created with the idea, just give me the money so I can have an entire new set of problems!

So, how do you “like” me now!

May 19, 2018