Chapter 34. If You Send Me, I Will Go

Sabbath, October 6, 2007

Dear Lord,

I thank you.  I thank you for my life.  I thank you, Father, for loving me and keeping me and not letting me go.  I don’t understand, even now, what You are doing in my life but I know You are doing something which will involve me in Your Ministry.  I have such a yearning for those brothers and sisters of mine who are still lost and don’t know their way.  I get such fulfillment when I can speak to them and share with them what You have done for me.  Nobody else could have done it, but You, O God.

Here I am, preparing to attend Church this morning and I’m grateful that through all my foolishness You were able to see something I couldn’t see, a man worthwhile.  Worthy that Your Son Jesus would consider enough to die.  Oh, how I love Him so much.  He has walked with me all these years and just would not let me go.  Oh, yes, I certainly know Him now.  There is no longer any confusion as to Who He is and what He will do and is doing for me and others.  I thank you for Him. 

It was many years ago when I heard an old man say:  ‘Lord I’ll do whatever it is You want me to do.  I’ll say whatever it is You want me to say and I’ll go wherever it is You want me to go.’  Now, the same applies for me. 

Wherever You want to send me—now, I will go…”

Chapter 35


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