I closed the door to my Cadillac in the parking lot of the U.S. Post Office in Carolina, Puerto Rico, having received a package addressed to me and ready to put the key into the ignition when I heard,

     “Hands up!  Freeze!  Do not move!”

I looked up and turned to the passenger window in the direction of the voice, I was facing the barrel of a gun!  I looked to my driver’s side and noticed more guns pointing in my direction, at my head!  For a split second a thought occurred not to do anything which might remotely resemble an act of defiance as well as hoping no one holding a gun would slip or have an accident which would be to my detriment.  I looked straight ahead and heard the words,

“Your life is going to change”, within the core of my soul.

My door was opened and I was helped from the car, quickly placed on the ground facedown.  I heard several commands in Spanish and could tell they weren’t social amenities.  I said,

“I do not speak Spanish.”  I remember having the thought, I hope there isn’t any oil or grease to ruin my clothes.   While lying there, my winged-tip shoes were untied and searched as well as my pockets.  When helped to my feet in a standing position, my hands being placed behind my back and handcuffed, saying to the woman whose gun I first saw,

“You didn’t give me time.”

“Time for what?”  She responded,

“To go to the police.”  I said.  Another officer, plainclothes spoke,

“Do you know why you are being arrested?”

“I assume it is because of this package.”  I answered.

“Do you know what’s in the package?”

“I assume its child pornography.”

“You assume?”  His voice emphasizing the last word.

“I have to.  I didn’t open the package.”

The voice I heard was correct.  My life did change that day.  My own little voice said, “You’ll be home in time for dinner.”  Wrong!  I began taking my meals courtesy of the Bureau of Prisons, Metropolitan Detention Center, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, a Federal prison located on this tropical island paradise, the last year and a half I now called home.

Chapter 1


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