There’s a Storm Coming  

In 2000, I had the privilege living on the island of Puerto Rico, a fascinating place filled with sandy beaches, tropical plants, and brilliant colors to fill each day which never differs from the summer months of the continental United States.  Four years I was immersed in a people whose fierce loyalty and national pride only equaled by sports fans from where I previously lived.  Not understanding their language, their behavior was completely understood whenever the news reported a storm approaching.

Puerto Rico, situated in the midst of the Caribbean seem to be always in the path of hurricanes, whether an imminent direct hit or whether the storm skirted north or south, thankfully, but the wide storms’ winds would still be felt with an unbelievable amount of rain, pelting your face, not just coming down but blowing sideways, in near sheets unable to see mere feet in front of you.  I learned it was against the law to be outdoors when it was announced by either the various television/radio news or police officials driving through the streets using sirens or amplified sound systems informing the people to stay inside.  The reason, winds approaching over one hundred miles an hour, low visibility produces debris which can kill you!  Poorly constructed roofs made of zinc or other metals can cut through you leaving you dead in its wake.  Whenever the word is announced, “There’s a storm coming” is taken very literally and then begins the preparation needed to ride out a storm and the aftermath which can take weeks before returning to the normalcy known prior.

I experienced being caught in a, “tropical storm” which took out the power grid for one week.  What would have been the result had it been any level of a full-fledged hurricane?  The proud people are known to literally clear out grocery stores of items like bottled water, can goods and bread, batteries, barbecue grills and charcoal and for those blessed, to have generators to power refrigeration and other taken-for-granted household made-for-ease appliances, they can stock up on eggs, milk and other items.  Cars are filled and gas containers are topped off.  Exposed windows are sheeted with wood as well as outdoor furniture brought in or chained.  Although the island has taken great strides in having all electrical/telephone/cable power lines buried instead of running along streets on poles, power is turned off from the various power locations to prevent other problems which would have occurred if the power were kept running while the storm commences.

Nothing is more taken seriously on the various islands who at one time or another experienced the power of a direct hit of a hurricane and where the sufferings and loss of lives during/after as a result of the storm will never catch the majority of people who took heed to the warning and prepared for the worse.

There is another storm approaching, and as such, what is now the greatest message of warning to be given to all men on the face of this globe?  Just as those who failed to prepare for a hurricane, or did not want to accept the fact it was soon to come, the greatest message of warning should be acknowledged, “God is soon to return to this Earth” and what provisions, what preparations are you making to be ready for such a storm?

For this particular storm there is no Pueblo Xtra or Walmart where you can stock materials to take you through.  It does not matter if your house is built with cinderblock or concrete to provide those occupants safety to ride out the storm.  Yet, many are not taking the warning seriously and preparations are not being heeded as they should and like those who lived during Noah’s time, who preached for 120 years about an imminent storm, everyone who waited, who did not prepare properly, who thought there was another day to continue life as they knew it began to feel drops of rain, and it was too late!  If the storm begins and you’re beginning to feel the precursor, the drops, it’s already too late to find shelter.  The door is closed both to protect those who chose to come in from the storm and closed to leave out who did not prepare properly.

There is a storm fast approaching and it is now when we should begin preparation to meet the time.  Yes, the time we’ve been given is the time we need to prepare.

There’s a storm coming…

Chapter 1


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