Chapter 29. Be a Witness

I learned something of considerable value as I wrote the previous chapter and read this past week with regard to this chapter:

“Witnessing is not something that we do for the Lord; it is something that He does through us, if we are filled with the Holy Spirit.  There is a great difference between a, “sales talk” and a Spirit-empowered witness.  ‘People do not come to Christ at the end of an argument’, said Vance Havner.” Pg. 150

“As Christians, we are not judges or prosecuting attorneys sent to condemn the world.  We are witnesses who point to Jesus Christ and tell lost sinners how to be saved.” Pg. 149

(These quotes were taken from Warren W. Wiersbe’s book, “Be Courageous”.

While on this bid, a young man believed to be quoting Thomas Aquinas said, “Let your life be your witness and only when necessary use words.”

Perhaps you grew up as I did with having parents or grandparents who could cast a glance your way when you were doing wrong and immediately you changed what you were doing or planned to do.  When you have decided, because that’s exactly what it is, when you have, “decided” to do what is right, the very fact of your presence will be an enough reminder to those doing wrong that they are doing wrong.  I’m learning more and more I do not have to correct anyone unless there is a reason to do so because they’ve solicited your help, but if I am living in such a manner, this is good enough for those who surround you.  It is true, the greatest sermon to be preached is one’s life.

A witness is someone who is being presented who will tell the truth.  We’ve all gone through the court system and know firsthand what a, “witness” is.  We, those of us who know God, are called to be, “witnesses” for Him and this means living up to the standard of truth, for if what we say and do does not agree with who we really are, our witness is false and carries no value.  In fact, if our witness is tainted and others are lost due to our witness, we will be held accountable and this price is too steep for me; therefore, I’ve decided to be an effective and good witness wherever I am sent now and when this bid is over.

Others are, in fact, watching you.  Help them to see the God who is watching you, too!

Chapter 30


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