Chapter 28. Quietness

Perhaps this topic, “Quietness” is a pet peeve of mine; however, there is virtue in the peaceful and pleasantness of being quiet, being still.  I believe most men have never learned the benefits of what it means to be quiet because it seems, as time continues, parents have lost the ability to tell their children to be quiet, and they listen, especially today when doctors convincingly diagnose conditions such as ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder or other conditions when it was my grandparents or parents could either say it or cast the eye upon me and my brothers and whatever it was we were doing or whatever some doctor could have diagnose, we knew what they wanted and it was given without question, since we did not want to find ourselves at the end of a belt.

It’s sad when I see not only youthful inmates but those over twenty one, and especially them who are considered young adult in their 30’s and 40’s who do not know the meaning of being quiet, to be still.  The incessant banging beats on tables or lockers, the shaking of legs, the whistling, singing so-called noise, for this is what it is, noise, which they must do any time they are not asleep, drives me crazy and whom others they are not aware because their selfish and inconsiderate manners it all being about, “self”.  Certainly there are some noises which cannot be avoided, but what goes beyond reasonable, men need to learn how to not disturb those around them, our placement not necessarily being under our control, as we are told what to do, where to go.

Very few consider the man or woman next to them who may be going through a difficult time due to current case matters, hearing bad news from a phone call or by letter who’d like a few minutes to think things through, and you do not have the privilege, yes, the privilege of being in a single cell.  Or those who like to read or write, as I do, and who’d prefer the atmosphere of noise-less people to accomplish what they need to do to get through their day.  I make it my business not to disturb those around me.  Just yesterday I needed to prepare for a 3:00a.m. medical road trip and in the dark readied myself, involving two metal lockers with combination locks and those neighbors around me confessed they never heard me and my answering, “It was for you I remained quiet.” Take the lesson!

In an open dorm environment where I currently reside there are five others who are in my section and I make it my business for them not to hear me, while one in particular has confessed, “I make noise just because I know it bothers you!  You want it to be like being in a library.”  And perhaps I do, but it’s my consideration for you I do what I do especially when you hare having a bad day more particularly when your phone call(s) ended again with you’re being angry and shouting.  These are my thoughts and desire to help him by not being a distraction to him.

You are here now and it is up to you to observe what is going on around you.  Are there older people who’d like to hear the television and might possibly be hard at hearing?  Is there someone reading their Bible or any book, writing a letter to their attorney, judge or loved one and it may mean the difference of profound impact on their life and they must get it right, the first time?  You may not be able to help them with whatever they’re going through other than being considerate to not disturb them while they appear in deep thought.

I believe maturity plays a lot in our being able to say no to ourselves while helping others what would help them.  I would imagine most maturity is gained over the years due to some biological, physiological change but I suppose maturity could also develop by our being cognizant of others and making the decision to not want to be the focal point of their disruption.  We can make that choice and I’m sure those around you will be most appreciative of your decision and we all can get through another day in sanity.

“Again, the righteous are placed in the furnace of affliction, that they themselves may be purified; that their example may convince others of the reality of faith and godliness; and also that their consistent course may condemn the ungodly and unbelieving.”  –Ellen G. White, “The Great Controversy

Chapter 29


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