Chapter 14. Personal Devotion

If you are like me, when you first get up, not only do you not look good but your mood may not be necessarily the best.  I learned during a stint in prison and later practiced at home, the first thing I do, “every” morning, after the customary emptying of my bladder, is to spend time having my personal devotion.

What is, “Personal Devotions”?  Devotion means to devote a part of your day, your time, spending it with God.  It may be either or a combination of:  prayer, Bible reading, reading inspirational material so aptly called, “Devotionals”, or even a period of time of meditation and/or singing.  Personal means it’s, “yours”, in other words, your time with God, and it is best done in the morning.  There is something to beginning your day with God giving what you will need to combat whatever will occur during the day.  In fact, whenever I hear persons try to accomplish this as their last act of the day, I try to dissuade them into changing and doing it first—even on weekends.

For me, I begin by thanking God for keeping me through the night followed by the mentioning of the day and date.  I then recite particular verses which have special meaning, then prayer.  Afterward, I have Bible reading along with either inspirational readings or I use a commentary.  For some, it will take a few minutes but for me generally, the first hour(s) of my day is spent with God, followed by hygiene needs and breakfast.

I am under the impression the paying of tithes just doesn’t begin and end with money, in fact, whatever I have been blessed to receive as an increase, ten percent should be given back to Him, so it is my desire and determined effort to give no less than two hours and forty minutes devoted to God!  After all, He’s given me so much more, why shouldn’t I be willing to offer back more than the casual moment of time?  I do this because I love Him.

In a prison setting, you must find time to spend with Him—daily.  When you are able to control your own cell’s lighting, and do not have a cellie, learn to awaken early before chow to spend time with God, otherwise, after chow, try to set aside the time immediately after returning to your cell or cube.  How dare we find time to watch television, read the newspaper, play cards or chess, or workout in the rec-yard and leave God waiting to spend those precious moments without us.  Who is most important in your life will be what you do first in your day.  How can you form the words asking for help when something arises later when it could have easily been thwarted by spending the morning with Him?  What else could possibly be more important?

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