Chapter 13. Communication

Perhaps the most important mechanism which you will use while going through your prison experience will be:  communication.

Communication means all of its various forms:  body language, verbal, and prayer.  When considering body language, it is the manner in which we stand or sit, when talking or listening to our attorney, prosecutor, judge, C.O. (Correction Officer) or fellow-inmate.  If you are not speaking, what might you be speaking volumes by the way you’re standing or seated, by your facial expression, eye movement, and the way your arms are positioned?  What are you saying which comes out loud and clear although your mouth has not made a sound?  This is key to you as a person and to your defense.

Verbal communication.  What is the manner of your speaking style?  It is no secret you are speaking to someone in authority who will decide the course of your life, as if he/she were living in your, “hood?”  Make no mistake, if you do not know and utilize proper speaking techniques/tactics when you are presented before the officer of the court, you will do no more than bring down problems upon yourself!

How you communicate to fellow inmates will determine if your time being incarcerated will be spent in completing this phase of your life in a peaceful manner, or will you be released with scars you did not have when you entered the walls because someone cracked your head, or cut you over something stupid which could have been handled more effectively?

Then there is the ultimate form of communication:  prayer, which if you haven’t been accustomed doing, learning to do it now will be a guarantee, one of the fewest in this life, will enable you to go through this time in an optimum fashion.  In other words, you’d be speaking with a God who knows what you need before you ask and is more than willing to give you, especially if you take the time to speak with Him.

No one comes into the system knowing all the answers.  There will be so many unknown variables you will face all through your prison experience, so why go through the experience alone when there is Someone who is aware of every aspect?  Quiet as it’s kept, He’s the One who brought you here and with good reason!  Doesn’t it make sense to spend all the time possible getting to know Him and developing communication skills to the point where you’re hearing Him communicate with you?  Nothing could be spoken more true and factual than this.  Talk to God not just before you go to bed or wake up, or before a meal.  Speak and listen to Him throughout the entire day.  There have been times when I’ve been sitting in front of the television and had to leave because I wanted to spend time talking to Him!  Would you like to know something interesting?  He was there, in my cell waiting for me because He knew I was coming! He was the one calling for me to begin with.

When you have developed a relationship with Him, which can only be accomplished by a, “Word”, you will find your communication with everyone involved in your legal life would have been made bettered.  I’m not saying you will get positive results in your sentencing situation like hearing, “time served”, but it will cut down on negative results which could have been further compounded.

I will caution you, whenever you find yourself speaking from an emotional state, whether it be anger, frustration, anxiety, and even happiness, pause for a moment and run through your mind what you are thinking about saying and determine if what you want to say will be met with positive circumstances, and if you are willing to undergo what may be the end results.

The old adage is true, “Don’t cash a check with your butt your mouth has written.”  It’s not worth it!

Chapter 14


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