Table of Contents

Front Matter


Chapter 1.  Why Are You Here?

Chapter 2.  Where Are You?

Chapter 3.  Who Are You?

Chapter 4.  What Do You Want?

Chapter 5.  Vain Imaginings

Chapter 6.  Recreation or Re-Creation

Chapter 7.  Revenge or Being Avenged?

Chapter 8.  Worrying — Letting It Go

Chapter 9.  Community — Getting Along

Chapter 10.  Authority-Conflict (Grievance)

Chapter 11.  Purpose

Chapter 12.  Be Still

Chapter 13.  Communication

Chapter 14.  Personal Devotions

Chapter 15.  Commissary–Sharing

Chapter 16.  Reflection

Chapter 17.  Resolve

Chapter 18.  Bad Habits

Chapter 19.  Sentencing

Chapter 20.  Outside Contact

Chapter 21.  Losing Someone

Chapter 22.  The Box

Chapter 23.  Snitching

Chapter 24.  Admission

Chapter 25.  Fear

Chapter 26.  Sickness

Chapter 27.  Sexual Immorality

Chapter 28.  Quietness

Chapter 29.  Be a Witness

Chapter 30.  Parole/Probation

Chapter 31.  Roles in Prison

Chapter 32.  Where Are You Going?


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