God’s Gems

God's Gems

God’s Gems

Many would look down on someone who has been sent to prison for whatever reason.  However, consider this:  Where do women, mostly, keep their precious pieces of jewelry?  Answer:  Jewelry boxes.

What do you think prisons are?  In truth, they’re God’s jewelry boxes where He is holding His most precious gems.  Some of them are unpolished and many do not shine as well as others, but nonetheless, they are so precious to Him, He locks them away until they’re able to be brought out into the light and will shine unbelievably bright.

How many of the prophets, patriarchs and disciples of the Bible were locked away? Even Jesus was held for a time, as a prisoner.  Do you think I would consider it a privilege if I were locked away for the cause of Christ?  You better believe it.  I would consider it an honor, for God has done so many wonderful things for me, especially during the times when I have been behind the walls.

While inside the last time, I wrote this book for those who are inside and for those who are on the outside who love them.  For some, many will never have heard and came to Christ except it be for the time they spent in prison.  Prisons were meant to give a man, or woman, the time needed to “repent” (penitentiary) of their wrongs (sins) and seek absolution.  Nothing has changed except our attitude.

It was my goddaughter, Vikki, who inspired this book by giving me the name, “God’s Gems” when she spent time behind the wall.


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