Books I’ve Written

As a child I began writing poetry.  I have an uncle who would pay me for my poems which was his way of encouraging me to continue, giving me the impression I could earn money by doing good work.  He is a published writer, too.  My first poem was published in the American Red Cross Journal in 1968.  The same year I also won an award given me in my last year of elementary school.  I went on to write articles for the Cleveland Press, Plain Dealer, much later, The San Juan Star (Puerto Rico).

I’ve always wanted to write a book.  There have been many false starts, but being the persistent person I am, finally sat down and God made it clear:  “I want you to write your story.  You will help countless people by sharing your testimony.”  So, this is what I’ve agreed to do.  Many things I write in my bio’s are shameful, regrettable and hurtful, but it gives me and others encouragement to know we are not beyond being saved by a wonderful God who loves us.  The Bible states, “…by the word of their testimony they overcame…”

So, this is how I overcame and hopefully, prayerfully, you, too.  These are made available for your reading freely online.  If you wish to receive them in a format so you’re able to read them outside the Internet, send me a message and inform me what format you’d like to receive.  Thank you for sharing in my experiences.

Bro. Roy

If You Send Me, I Will Go

–The first book I’ve written and should be read first

He Sent Me, And I Went

–The sequel to the first book

God’s Gems

–Written while I was in prison to be used as a guide for those who are going or who are presently there

The Addict’s Devotional

–An idea while in prison having been inspired by Oswald Chamber’s devotional, “My Utmost for His Highest”.  Wanted to write an inspired devotional for those who suffer addiction.

–At the bottom of some posts you will see the name, “Vikki Blossom” who is my goddaughter, who, too knows only too well the issues of addiction.  Her son, Quincy contributed to one post and yes, he, too, understands addiction.  So, this has been a labor of love.  I asked Vikki to write poetry to add to my daily messages to share and provide her encouragement since she’s always wanted to become a writer, too.

Addiction Recovery:  The Greater Denial

–I got the idea after having experienced both sides of recovery, to demonstrate how secular methods like (AA/CA/NA) doesn’t work!  How God’s method will always work.


2 thoughts on “Books I’ve Written”

  1. Gideon Pelser said:

    Wonderful Roy. Keep at it. When will The Greater Denial be completed? I would love to read it and share it with many friends that need help, REAL HELP.

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