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I touched briefly on this yesterday but it is so important I wanted to take it a step further.  There will come a time, sooner than you think, when your outward condition is going to change into something very positive.  As a result when things are becoming better your emotional outlook will begin to rise as well.  People will be contacting you to share your story, you may write a book or even get involved in ministry helping others who are like you were and when you see success in what is being accomplished, another problem will present itself:  pride.

Certainly, not another drug or substance can touch you.  There is no mistaking another substance being introduced to you.  You are too wise for this and even God won’t allow it to happen even for lesson’s sake, but what does occur is, feelings of being needed is replaced with, “they can’t do without me”.  Perhaps the biggest drug you will ever encounter will be “ourselves”!  I think, too, this will be the biggest fight you will ever have to undergo.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

We MUST remember ALWAYS what it was which prevented us from continuing in the path we were on.  It had nothing to do with us but everything to do with God.  WE MUST REMEMBER THIS!!!  God was our answer and not ourselves.  People are being drawn to us because of the Drawer, not “us”.  He put us in these positions of power for them, and not put them in these terrible positions of addiction for “us”.  And as long as we remember where we came from it will keep us from returning to worse. 

Contentedness is one of the greatest lessons to be learned.  You will learn it, though.  Whether it will be an easy lesson or difficult is totally up to you.