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I was impressed when I read in my Bible study this morning how the Israelites were told to divide their land upon their return from captivity.  Now, this is amazing.  They were still being held and God was telling them to plan, now, for when you are able to return.  This is the same faith we must have as we plan for the coming days when we are able to leave our place of safety.

Many may be filled with anxiety because you do not know what it is God has planned for you.  For some, perhaps you cannot go home and face not knowing where it is you can go.  These can be very difficult moments and can cause you to become depressed and go backwards from your clean-living.  Do not make the mistake of thinking when you return to the street to be able to come back this way again.  No!  God would have already put someone in your bed which is now more deserving because it is their time.  You are having yours right now.

You must spend some quiet time with Him asking Him to direct you.  He is doing it already but He needs to know you know it.  He is already turning the wheels of Providence for you, and you need to be prepared in every way to be able to receive it, and it begins with having a right attitude about what He has planned for you.  You cannot go forward into this wonderful life prepared for you with hesitancy.  He is waiting for you to spend some quality time with Him.  Do not let anything separate you from Him because nothing can separate Him from you.

You are not alone anymore regarding your life.  You have Someone who is in charge of every aspect now.  Let Him do what He does best.