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So many people misquote the text where it is said, “God has not given you a spirit of fear” and try to make it pertain to heights, spiders or water, which happens to be my own fears.  It has nothing to do with this.  What it means is God has called you to go forward in your life and confront issues you may not want to deal with such as family members, a legal matter not resolved, or anything uncomfortable.  God need you to get past these issues and has given you everything necessary to overcome them, but you cannot hesitate and decide you don’t want to do it, because of fear.  Running is not an option.  You must go forward and get them behind you.

No one wants to spend any time in jail or prison, but to run from what is ahead of you never allows you to get it behind you.  No one wants to deal with an issue in the family which is embarrassing or shameful, but it will never be resolved unless you face it head-on and have it behind you, no matter how it ends up.  Only you can do this but you are not alone.  When I was on probation, my probation officer told me part of her job was to see all my legal issues were met.  I had two outstanding cases and no matter how I didn’t want to deal with them, now was the time to do so.  Did it result in some jail time?  Yes, but it is over.  I don’t have to deal with them anymore and now it is time to move forward in my life.  The same applies to you.  You are now at a place where your mind is clear and can not only offer your best but recognize you are not alone either.

Unpleasantness is only until it is resolved favorably or unfavorably, but the matter is still resolved.