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Think for a moment how and why you are where you are right now.  What did God have to arrange in order for you to come from, “out there”.  What wheels did He have to begin spinning to ensure when you needed a bed it was available?  Do you know what it takes to run a ministry of recovery to keep you fed, cleaned and comfortable?  Do you know what it takes to instruct you in ways of clean-living and maintenance?  Do you realize the sacrifice others have made upon getting to the point you wish to be, and then for them to remain with you and not return to a world with family, career and success?  All of this is because you said, “yes”.

The very same grace which God used to get you here He has done for others.  Some just flat out refused to accept it while others did but thought it more important to return and have given up.  I’m sure if there were a way to measure grace, some were even given more than you and still decided it was not for them.  Some even were so bold as to say “wait”, not knowing if they will have a chance to make it, but even in their answer was the choice they made and they made it knowing the consequences.

It is important you continue to say “yes” as God takes you from this point forward.  He is doing whatever it takes to get you ready to face the world, but this time, from a position of power and not failure.  We will never know until we are in heaven what God did on our behalf behind the scenes, but the greatest gift of all is to reflect in your mind’s eye on that fateful day when His Son, Christ, was nailed onto a crude cross to give His life for you and me.  Hmm, when I think about that it is enough to make me want to continue saying “yes”.


He did this all for me.  For me!