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We often do not think about how they’re affected because there is too much pain, or should be, when we consider how we have hurt and damaged those little ones who were supposed to look up to us.  We have failed them!

In my mess of addiction I used drugs with parents who lost control and made available their home.  Some kept their children confined to another area and then there were those who didn’t care and their children had the freedom to roam.  Interesting analogy isn’t it?  The children had the “liberty” to roam amongst those who were held “bondage” to a substance, and those little ones watched us.  Many children become smokers because of seeing their parents!  How many became addicts of harder substances because of Mom and Dad and their guest?  Who knows, after you have fought your battle of addiction and won, is there any guarantee your children will?  Are you able to deal with the fact although your life has been made better, you may have just condemned those who were given to you for guidance and love, will be destroyed!

I know such a woman, a mother today whose young son of twelve years old has just begun his journey of addiction by smoking marijuana.  TWELVE years old!  I had my first hit at age eight, but didn’t really start smoking it regularly until about sixteen.  I barely made it out but what about him?  We have such a deep responsibility to our children and those of us who do not have kids, like me, we still have the responsibility of our actions around them to protect them and offer them guidance and love.  Perhaps God placed us around them to be a model where their parents have failed.  Are we guilty of the same?


Influence is a very strong character changing event.  Just think about the influence of substances in your life.