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I don’t know what is next for my life.  In my heart, I think my current situation is coming to a close and the next part of it will begin but I am unsure what steps to take.  Whenever you are in this predicament you must remember the path God has brought you.  Didn’t He provide for you and made it clear in which direction to take by His Providence?  Were you not unsure, then, what it was for you to do but you were able to progress to where you are now?  What would make this any different?

The fact you are sitting in a place where you can think, clearly demonstrates the plan God has for you.  He is the One responsible for bringing you out of the muck you existed.  He was the One Who reached down from Glory and wiped you off and turned events around to favor you.  So, why is it you feel you are being left alone now?

We don’t know how and why God chooses to operate this way.  Is it His fault we do not understand?  Or, can the blame be better put on us because we’re so dependent upon ourselves and our abilities, or lack thereof, and not able to really trust Him in doing what He wants to do for us?  The truth is, God will and has designed something for us which no one can thwart or take away.

So, when you stand and begin the process of moving forward, recognize there is a plan for you, exclusively yours, which God has set in motion.


Now it is time for you to be in motion toward the goal which was designed for you.