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When someone does something for us and we enjoy that something we didn’t have and it made our sad existence just a little bit more comforting, we desire to become closer to that source.  It is not selfishness to want to draw closer to what is making us happy and to receive as much as we can.  This is only natural and expected.

God has blessed us so tremendously so we should want to be in His presence more and more and to continue receiving those blessings which is making a difference in our life.  No one will hold this against you.  But, had you ever thought about it in the reverse?  God is so desiring of our company and contact, and when we bless Him with our praises, thoughts and prayers, He desires to draw closer to us!  It’s a two-way street we are on.  God is not some “thing” which is aloof and doesn’t respond to us.  Just as much as we need Him, guess what?  He is wanting to be needed, too.  Existence for all eternity with no one to share it with is simply boring.  We want to live in happiness for eternity, and He wants us to be with Him for eternity.  So, it does sound like a plan, doesn’t it?

So, when you’re having a difficult moment today and wondering why all these things are happening to you, keep in mind God is with you and sometimes have to let you experience the hard things of life so you can shake off those things which will prevent you from having the privilege of being with Him for eternity.

When does “eternity” begin?  For you, today.

The song says, “The Savior is waiting to enter your heart, why don’t you let Him come in?  There’s nothing in this world to keep you apart, why don’t you let Him come in?”