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When I consider how I lived while in the street immersed in my addiction I shudder.  I never brushed my teeth.  Never combed my hair, never took a bath or washed.  Never had deodorant to apply.  I was just a human mess.  Obviously, all this changed when I was freed from this lifestyle but I am still the same mess, just not as offensive to other’s sensibilities.

Now that I am involved in clean-living, there are still parts of my character I know which are offensive to God.  In fact, as I draw closer to Him and His holiness, I see myself in many ways worse than when I was in the street.  While, “out there” I knew how filthy I was but it was to be expected and nobody expected better of me.  I was in a crowd of others who were just like me.  But now, after a bath, teeth brushed and a little cologne, I still stink of sin.  In fact, I reek and radiate it.

I cannot look down upon others who have chosen to remain where I have left.  Hopefully, where I am today will not be where I am tomorrow.  We’re to have an every day, gradual reaching and growing toward God who is actively involved in cleansing us in ways we are not able to do for ourselves.

The one thing I am thankful for is no matter how offensive I am or have been, Jesus still loved me enough to die and come back and reach for me in the sewer of life which was once so comfortable, for me.  There is nothing good in me.  Nothing I can be so proud of when I compare myself with Him.

If there is anything good about you, it is because of Christ.