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This is the campaign, which I believe was inspired of God, to share with the world as I begin to market my book, “If You Send Me, I Will Go”.  While coming home from church this past weekend, I was shown addictions can be healed by prayer and will be.  I know it has worked for me and now will I be faithful and have the courage to tell this message just as strongly as I believe it?

Last night I had a disturbing dream.  I was sitting on a toilet in an urban environment with people coming and going, playing and sitting around,  and there I was suffering embarrassment, shame and wondering how to get out of it.  It started by standing revealing more than when I was first sitting.  She, my writer-friend when I told her of it said, “It’s because of your book.  You’re revealing all your “mess”.  But, it is not the “period” of your life.”  I know this because I already have been inspired to write a follow-up within three to five years.  But what does all this have to do with you and your finding and living clean without addiction?

God will require you to go forward and tell your story.  You are hearing about mine but who will hear yours?  You must tell those who are still finding their way how you found yours.  In doing so, it will require you to reveal your “mess”.  When you tell your “mess”, others will see a similar circumstance they’re currently living in and you will present to them “hope”.  This is what it is all about, “hope”.  Other people’s hope will begin with you sharing yours.  And, I “hope” you will do your job as I have decided to do mine.

There is nothing wrong with having “messes”.  But there is something wrong if we continue to sit in it.