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It first got my attention because of the repetitive knocking.  It was a woodpecker.  I never paid any attention to them before, actually, very rarely even seen them, but for a moment I just stood there observing him.  What makes it slam its mouth against a tree for a bug?  I’m thinking, too, what happens inside it’s skull, to apply such force just has to shake up that little brain?  What made me go outside in the middle of the night, taking chances of being killed, to find a drug that’ll make me dance with death?  What made me slam that “rock” down a glass tube and then slam the vapor into my lungs that caused my brain to be shaken up?  Maybe, like the woodpecker, my brain is small but it is for certain, it is not insulated and I do run the risk, each time, of suffering brain damage.  Well, more than what’s already been damaged!

The woodpecker does it because it’s searching for food and doesn’t know any other way.  It’s the way God made it.  What’s my excuse?  It’s certainly not for food, in fact, I don’t want any food when I do it.  It is for certain, it is not how God made me, so why am I doing it?

Thank God, I’ve “slammed” for the last time when I broke not only the glass against a concrete floor but “slammed” the habit for good.

We be slamming, slamming, slamming in the name of the Lord.