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I needed to take a photo for the cover of a book I am writing about my experience with drugs and how God saved me.  So, I brought along my camera because I had to make several errands and if I ran across a housing development, typical of the one I started before my fall due to drugs, then I wanted to use it on the cover.  You see, I wanted to design the book where the top photo was of a nice neighborhood, and the bottom photo would be where I ended up, the “hood”.  I drove around and saw several places but it was not convenient for me to stop at that moment and take a picture.  Before arriving home, the thought occurred:  the photo you need to take is where you are living now!  That’s it!  God has restored me to a similar neighborhood and I hadn’t noticed.  Although the house isn’t mine, whereas the first was, it was still where I was living, by the grace and goodness of God.

So, I learned a lesson today.  We have to rid our minds of the past completely.  If they were all that good, we’d still be living there.  But God has and is continuing to bless us by giving us what He wants us to have now.  Sure, there might be brighter days and prosperity, which we can claim as ours, for the future, but for now, we have it really good compared to where we were months and years before.

Let’s look around and enjoy our blessings—today.

The fact we are still breathing, is evidence enough…

God is still breathing His blessings upon us.