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When I have an opportunity to speak and share with others about my travels in addiction, I always cause some excitement when I say, “God led me into addiction”.  The Good Book tells us God does not cause any to sin, so how do I justify such a statement?

Remember when you began the life of addiction you had to depend upon others to lead you to the good stuff?  It was the stuff of destruction but you had to trust complete strangers at times in order to obtain what you wanted.  Well, God uses the same methods only this time it brings us into salvation.  He could have kept us from it, but then we would not have learned the lessons we learned.  Even in our addiction, He led us through those times when our lives would have been destroyed.  When no one else cared or could do anything for us, He did.  He allowed us to fall into the path we know only too well.  It was through those difficult times when we had no money was when He demonstrated His power to either feed us or to keep us from feeling the pangs of hunger too sharply and in some cases, not to feel hungry at all.  I think back how I was in the streets for those nine weeks and ate little if anything at all, and although suffer low sugar at times from a young age, never once had an attack while on a mission!  He was protecting me and providing my body’s nourishment when I was too involved to do so and did not have the means.

I learned how he kept my life from destruction from those things I could see and now wonder how He must have done it from those things I have no awareness of.  It was through addiction I came to know and love Him and to be able now to trust Him with my life.  God did do it and He is still doing it today.

When we step outside God’s divine will, we walk in His permissible will.  Either way, His will is accomplished in our lives.