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When you feel yourself becoming stronger and having been one to have had responsibility whether family and/or employment, you will begin to feel very strong impulses to want to return and manage those affairs of life.  But, it is not time.  If you leave from where you are now, you will fail.  I’ve come to believe when fallen into addiction one needs to learn how to live again.  It’s similar to someone who’s had drastic surgery akin to the replacement of a joint.  Certainly you haven’t lost the desire to walk but with a physical therapist you will need to learn how to do it.  It doesn’t diminish who you are but it does require assistance, and this assistance will come in many ways.

God will put people in your path who have and are traveling this road and will offer you their guidance and experience as a way to circumvent any problems they’ve encountered.  Why fall into the same pitfalls what you can gain by their experience?  What you will need to exercise is patience.  Not patience with the world because it’s been moving along without you, but you will need to be patient with yourself to rejoin your rightful place.  Those who have not been fathers and mothers during addiction cannot expect to rejoin the family as such right away.  It will take time.  You cannot expect to regain former employment and responsibility.  Those past positions may never come again but there is something you can do and will do, but for now, concentrate on learning who you are and how to live again.

You have traveled very far from where you were originally and there is much road to recover, but be thankful to know you will do it and you have Someone who sees up ahead a little bit better than you do and already has designated a place for you.  He’ll get you there.  He’s the best Physical/Emotional Therapist you will ever have.

It may takes weeks, months or even years to be where God wants you to be, but isn’t it worth knowing you are not spinning your wheels?