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He came in late at night to check into the hotel.  With him he had undesirables which I knew were involved in the life I left behind.  He gave me a story about the hospital and his father, but it all sounded questionable.  Too much activity confirmed my suspicions were correct.  I came down on my associates and manager for not heeding to my opinion, letting them know I’m using experience with common sense to protect what we have here, our living.  Then I read the obituary.  He did lose his father, met up with persons who would use him because of the grief he is currently undergoing.

Later, with my manager, we went to the room when he left and discovered evidences of what I suspected would be there.  In order to prove the point, I had to make an admission.  My past history is being used here to protect this place.

I had an opportunity of sharing with him my own similar experience.  I told him what I went through and let him know, he didn’t have to do it.  He had a chance—now, to break away and recover and move forward leaving the leeches of life behind.  To let him know he would always be welcomed here if needed but now he needed to make the decision which would determine how his life would go.  I did this, simply, because I understand.

When God has brought us through an experience, He’s given us understanding and compassion for others who are where we were.