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Remember how you cried out to God for deliverance from the struggle you were having with substance abuse?  Remember how you called out His name and pleaded, no, begged for His help?  He did it, didn’t He? He answered your prayer.  Then why are you in a hurry to go back?

Think about how God moved people, events, days, heaven and you know, that other place, to get you to the point where you are now, safe and sound, regaining your strength and health; and, you would give this all up to return to the point from where you started?  What’s the sense of this?  What’s so important you left back there?  If you could not achieve some level of being high with all the money you spent THEN, then what’s the point of returning for just an afternoon with a few dollars?  What’s the point?

Will He repeat Himself in order to bring you back should you return?  Well, why find out?  You’ve made it to this point He’s brought you now, and mind you, it took some doing to make everything happen in order for you to be here.  You cannot disappoint Him because He knows exactly what you will or will not do.  You can only disappoint others who are hoping you will stay where He’s brought you today and looking forward to you achieving greater things now that you are in your right mind.

So, think about it.  Are you in your right mind—now.  So, why go back?

There is absolutely nothing in your addicted past worth going back for.   You have every reason to go forward in your life—now.