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I am learning as I put down one substance, another which wasn’t so bad as compared to the one I’m dealing with now, comes to the surface; however, at one time this one which is now coming to prominence used to bother me greatly until I had another to deal with.  When the prominent one is gotten rid of then the older issues begin to rise and now they need to be dealt with—finally.

Substance abuse is not only drugs.  Pornography, food, Internet, video games, etc., and the list goes on and on, are substances which many have to deal with and can be just as destructive and volatile as drugs.  Many lives are wrecked and need “recovery” in order to gain footing and return to a constructive life where one can smile again.  Too many are smiling outwardly but are in pain inwardly.  It takes a trained eye, filled with compassion, to be able to discern the actual from the one those hurting would have you see.

There should no longer be any stigma associated with those who are caught in substance abuse addictions for there are many more of us than perhaps once thought.  We need to acknowledge our own and when one goes, in many cases, others will vie for attention.  The hope we should all have is when one is done away it is done away forever.  Is it possible to live life free from addiction?  You better hope so for this is all we have.  Hope.

Addictions are steps, either downward toward death, or upward away from it.