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When you have gotten the victory over addiction there are some laws which cannot be broken.  In other words, we have set into place a series of events which will have to play themselves out in our lives despite the positive decisions we are making today.  For example, you might have abused your credit and financial life and may not be able to get a checking account again, if not for a very long time.  You might have damaged your body and will suffer later due to the abuse.  These things have to play themselves out. It is the scars we will have to bear until the day we are raised from our graves.

Our family and friends will want you to resume along the path you gave up thinking you can return to the complete and total life you had before.  For most of us, this will never be true.  No matter what good intention are of others there comes an acceptance of ourselves we have to acknowledge.  We may never be the person we were, in fact, if the person we were was so good then why did we choose to become addicts?  We must go forward.  We have to recognize whatever we learned about ourselves THIS is what IS significant and we must keep it in mind we are not the same person we were prior to addiction and during the addiction process.  We are different men and women who may not be able to return to what we once knew and others may be disappointed in us.  But can you find your own happiness and be able to live with this?

The goal we should have now, today, is thinking of living tomorrow in eternity and securing our place there and not put too much emphasis on what we are today or were before.


The goal in life is not acquiring those shiny things in life, but life eternal.   This has been God’s purpose in your life all along.