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Secular groups would have you to call your sponsor, or attend a meeting (as if one is waiting for you just at that moment), to change your thinking, or just do something else when the urge comes to replace what inevitably does happen—the fall.  You see, you’re only delaying the inevitable because it is not satisfied until the act has been committed.  You have not answered the reason why the urge was there in the first place.  Until then, your frustration level abates seemingly for awhile but it comes back again, and again, and again and more furious than the time before.  Of course, when we fall, we don’t feel any better but there does come a sense of completeness, doesn’t it?  It’s almost like having the right to begin all over again.

I propose a different way to handle those moments when it hits you.  I propose you take it to the One who is able to answer the issue that is within you.  He knows exactly why you are having this time even if you don’t.  He understands and knew long before you were even a thought this would be the time you would experience.  Why not go to the Author of it all?  Why not ask Him to bring not only relief to your soul but resolution.  Why not understanding as to why you are the way you are?  You see, He does have the ability to bring relief and resolve EVEN if you are not sure of why you are experiencing the urge.  That peace which passes all understanding is applicable for such a time as this.  I tell others, because I’ve learned this myself, going after your sobriety is like a drowning man going for a breath of air.  You have got to fight for it and not allow anything to stand in your way—and this means, even yourself!  Those of us who suffered substance abuse, the medium for many of us actually involved air in some way or other.  Instead of breathing in the fumes of disappointment, sadness, pain, loneliness, sorrow and isolation, why not breathe in the pure air of the Spirit of God.  It’s a peaceful time and you can have it, but you must ask for it, believe you have it and fight to not let it go.

Why turn and rely upon that which is as weak as yourself?  Turn to a God who is capable of bringing you through.