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I thought to dedicate one day and share the miracle how God used this baby, now woman, to save my life.

When I became so hopeless and thought life not worth living anymore because of my drug addicted life, and after failing to commit suicide twice before by combining sleeping pills and alcohol, I chose to try using my car and put a hose from the exhaust into the compartment and inhaled the fumes.  I am told by a physician it normally takes 20 to 45 minutes.  I was there for more than 6 hours!  While unconscious, God came to me in a vision of a door which I knocked but it was refusing to open.  The voice behind the door said, “Go away.  You have tried to come here three times now and we cannot open to you.  Jesus came already and has taken the key and told us not to open.  So, go away!”  This represented the already two times prior I tried to kill myself.  This was now the third.

When I was standing by the door, Aeisha’s face appeared to me.  She was only 2 at the time and the thought came, “I have to see her grow up.  I have to see her grow up.”  This is what gave me strength to open the car door.  I was paralyzed for a time and my hearing affected, but fully restored within hours.  Aeisha will be 19 (written in 2009) next week and I have fulfilled the quest to see her grown up and my desire today is to still live.  I could not see it then but God knew He had work, a ministry even in my hopeless state, to do for Him, and this is what keeps me going every day now.

Thank you, Aeisha, for being a part of my life.  Always love, (Uncle/Daddy) Roy.

No matter how difficult life may seem to be, Check with God first and see if He hasn’t a plan for you—still!

Aeisha and Roy in 2006

Aeisha and Roy in 2006