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Yes, another day, and I fear, more pages, I may discover will have been lost during the recovery of my data for this book, but inspiration doesn’t end because situations do.  No, in fact, it provides additional opportunities to continue the message began so long ago.  You see, what I am sharing with you today was given to me by the caring and dedication of others before me, who if given the time of tracing backward would lead to the disciples of Christ, who sat at His feet gathering the message being given to you today!

For me, the message I would like to impart to you today regarding overcoming drug addiction is to learn about the “simplicity of life”.  What is it you need for when you’re ready to return to the world?  You need food, shelter and clothing.  It would be nice to find employment either given to you by others or something you’re able to create for yourself.

Whatever those visions of grandeur you might have held prior to your falling into addiction, realize many will not give you the chance to recover whatever you may have lost in the process, but if you can define what it is you desire in life, and focus on this, you would have overcame so much more.


Life isn’t about getting and gaining.  It is mostly about living.